On Line Help Functions

More and more, computer users are getting accustomed to highly comfortable application packages that have been developed by major companies and are now available all over the world. Beside the graphic user interface, On line help functions have cer-tainly become the most popular utilities among computer users.

By pressing a key (or a mouse button), the user can get help on the active window, the process to be executed or a selected item. This "context-sensitive help" system is a stand-alone application which must be created independent of the program it is to support.

In addition to the production of printed manuals and technical descriptions, D&D offers the creation or translation of On line help systems.

The knowledge of how to create and design help text and graphic representations and how to integrate them into Windows applications, which our specialists have acquired while working for renowned Austrian and international companies, is now available to all software houses.

D&D has introduced this kind of service - Outsourcing is practice in the United States for quite some time - in the Austrian marketplace. With D&D involved in the production process, the end user will get not only a top-quality product, but also first-rate support in terms of documentation and On line help.

Efficient user support will enhance the market acceptance of a software product, and foreign-language manuals may even open up new markets; thus, the competitiveness of the product will be increased.

Send us a short note and you will get the help of the experts on user friendliness!