User Documentation
The Purpose of Our Business

Technical documents are the main focus of our company: User manuals, operating instructions, and product descriptions. Our companies' services include all stages of document creation, translation and production.

Our usual customers in this field are technical companies, computer vendors and software houses.

In addition to creating "printed" documentation, we also offer the creation of On Line Help Functions. This has been a natural supplement to our "printed" documentation. With its popularity among computer users, we see this service growing more each year.

With our main office located in Vienna we specialize in the German Language and the German Speaking Market. This location also gives us access to resources fluent (mostly native of the respective country) in many European Languages, especially the languages of Eastern Europe (including special fonts).

The experts now working for D&D have acquired their profound technical knowledge and practical experience in various specialized fields while working for well-known companies for decades. Now they use their abilities to create first-rate documentation for complex, technical products. Our specialists are able to find a solution to any documentation problem a customer may have.

If it is "Printed" Documentation, On Line Help Utilities, Services in Another Language, or any of our other services, renowned companies and computer users in Europe as well as in the US make use of our expert know-how and experience, especially with the concentration of services we offer. Our service is unparalleled in Austria and is considered pioneer work in the German speaking marketplace.

  • We at D&D believe documents which are clear and concise in structure and attractive in design, will help to solve problems efficiently and precisely.
  • Formulated text and intelligent illustrations are a necessity in the expanding global market.
  • Good localized documentation is an excellent selling argument in a flat-growth international market and will distinguish a company from competitors.
  • Being present in the international marketplace means today being present in the INTERNET. But can your potential customers read your WEB Site?
  • Foreign-language manuals open up new markets and the competitiveness of the product will be increased.

D&D has the experience, knowledge and professionalism to bring these advantages to our customers. The knowledge of how to create and design documentation and how to integrate it into the marketplace has been our primary strength since our foundation 1988. The experience which our specialists have acquired while working for renowned Austrian and international companies, is available to you.

Send us an e-mail and you will get the help of the experts on user friendliness!