Translation Memory and Terminology Management

In 1994 D&D was one of the first users of TRADOS, the Translation Memory application, which in the meantime became the worldwide standard.

The TRADOS application compiles a translation database - the Translation Memory - in the background while translators work with the word processor or other editor of their choice. The translation memory stores the source text and its corresponding translation in language pairs. When a new phrase or sentence is translated, the system immediately compares it with all stored translation units. If identical or similar source text is found, it is displayed along with the translation and can be re-used at a click of the mouse. Translators are then free to edit, reject or accept the translation. Every change they make or new translation they create is then added to the translation memory, enhancing its value.

As a result, the same sentence or phrase never needs to be translated twice and can be re-used many times.

MultiTerm offers proven, technology-based solutions to resolve the problem of terminology management in close cooperation with a Translation Memory. A MultiTerm solution gives you control over critical corporate terminology and can save you significant amounts of non-productive time and cost by making the development, management and distribution of written language content, especially multilingual content, more efficient and cost-effective than ever before.

D&D provides this specialized knowledge for all its customers. A customer can even enjoy the advantages of a Translation Memory and/or a Terminology Management Database without even using it in-house.

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